FW: [CQ-Contest] CB QRM on 10 meters

Matt aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Mon Dec 29 12:59:10 EST 2003

I received this response today from Mr. Hollingsworth at the FCC. It's nice
to know they are aware of and working on this issue. I appreciate knowing

I believe there is another email address for the FCC to report these sorts
of things. I think someone on here mentioned in the recent weeks when this
thread was going. It would probably be a better one to contact them in lieu
of the one I found, which is Mr. Hollingsworth's own address.

All the best in the New Year to all,


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Thansk--we'll take a look at this.

>>> Matt 12/18/03 01:21AM >>>

Dear Mr. Hollingsworth,

If the FCC can stop the sale/manufacture of amps for the general
public that are 28MHz capable, would it be possible to stop the manufacture
of the
radios for sale at this link?


Thanks for all your efforts,


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