[CQ-Contest] FW: Will Your Safety Harness Kill You?

Bob Wanderer aa0cy at QUADNET.NET
Wed Dec 31 20:31:39 EST 2003

Will Your Safety Harness Kill You?Since many readers climb
towers.  Can someone cross-post to towertalk and other
appropriate reflectors?

 There's a very important article related to climbing safety
systems in Occupational Health & Safety magazine, Vol. 27,
No. 3, pages 86-90, March 2003.

The article by Weems and Bishop, titled "Will Your Safety
Harness Kill You?" describes possible post-fall trauma that
can cause death in minutes.  It also describes precautions
and actions to take to lessen the risks of post-fall trauma.

Every climber, every trainer, every field worker who is a
potential rescuer (that's all of us!)  should read and
commit to memory the principles taught in this plain English

Here's a link to the article as posted on the Centers for
Disease Control

Here's a link to the article in Adobe PDF format:

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