[CQ-Contest] 24 hours times 2?

Robert Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 7 09:29:12 EST 2003

No, there is no dupe issue.  You can only work guys once on each band during
the 48 hour contest period.  So.... that introduces a further element of
strategy in the TWO 24-hr events.  I predict that the net effect might be to
slightly reduce the q's in the first 24 hours and slightly increase the q's
in the 2nd 24-hr period for those opportunists who would withhold
participation in the first 24 hours to be "fresh meat" in the2nd 24.
Eventually, there would be almost no q's in the first 24 hrs and almost all
the q' s last 24 hours, except if a big geomagnetic storm was predicted for
day 2.

Ultimately guys would shift back to making more q's in the first 24 (less
competition) after everyone shifted to the 2nd 24.  Net result
NO CHANGE!  But it would introduce some "intrigue" into the 2nd day
slowdown.  :-)

Of course I assume that we would then need to have NEW categories as

1) SOABHP Day 1
2) SOABHP Day 2
3) SOABHP Combined (Day 1 and Day2)
4) SOABHP Unassisted Day 1
5) SOABHP Unassisted Day 2
6) SOABHP Unassisted Combined
7) SOABLP......

You get the idea.

Triple the categories, triple the fun!  This should set back the contest
awards program another few years.    :-)

By now it should be clear that I was not serious about ANY of this.  The
only thing that I would like to see is a public poll for those guys that
feel compelled to vote on this topic. (I am not one of them).

I cast my vote for Dr. Bafoofnik!

Bob KQ2M

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