[CQ-Contest] Sprint: wow!

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 9 19:47:28 EST 2003

Hi all,

This is the first sprint I've done semi-seriously. Previous efforts have
been merely to help a few with the VE4 mult.

Boy, if you need a dose of contesting humility, play this contest. It was
great fun, though not the best test to start SO2Ring. Still, managed to get
a few more band changes in than with SO1R. But it just goes to show that not
all SO2R stations are superstations or all SO2R ops are superops. The TS850
was barefoot to an 80 meter inverted L and MA5B at 30 feet while the TS430
was barefoot to an HF6V. Lost more than a few pileup battles and got my tead
hangled around a few callsigns but generally didn't screw up too badly.

That's quite a thing: a contest where the objective is to not screw up too

Great fun reading the comments on the webform 3830 postings. Wish more guys
would do that. Congrats to AN. Condolences for all the Cats, Jims and

73, CU in ARRL DX.


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