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I never sign portable 3, except when callling in a DX pileup going by 
numbers, and it's to my advantage :.)

Seriously... As you know, the FCC elminated call areas years ago. 
Despite the fact many people like to think about the days of yore, 
when there were call areas in the US, they no longer exist.  The only 
significance to the number is where the callsign was first issued, 
and even this isn't true with the vanity calls.

IMO, a short call has advantages. I do not lengthen it voluntarily. 
Some smaller contests (eg., Slovenian RTTY contest) require the 
portable designator. I am NOT portable. PA is my FCC licensed 
location, so I don't operate contests that require this erroneous 

Once in a while, I'll get a PA? in response to my 599PA, but I'd 
rather resend the exchange once every hundred QSOs, than send /3 
every QSO.

When S&P'ing, a longer call isn't better. Placing your call (timing 
and freq offset) is what's important.

Barry, W2UP (operating in NY 1969-1982, PA since 1983, except for NH 
in 1986)

On 9 Feb 2003 at 21:27, Bob Wanderer wrote:

> I have a zero-land call, but currently reside in 3-land.
> Although not required by the rules to sign portable, I
> wonder if there are advantages to signing portable anyway.
> For one thing, especially in the CW test, there would not be
> any hesitation on the DX side when I send PA since I sent my
> call as AA0CY/3.  I've also noticed that the "/3" on CW or
> "portable 3" on phone oftentimes show up in the clear during
> the pileups.  OTOH, it is more time consuming and would be
> required for every QSO.  BTW, I do about 99% S&P.  (The
> other 1% is getting few, if any, responses to my CQs.)
> I'd appreciate other operators' thoughts on this matter.
> Thanks & 73,
> Bob AA0CY
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