[CQ-Contest] Contest Survey for ARRL DX - US/VE/DX

Ward Silver hwardsil at centurytel.net
Mon Feb 17 22:03:56 EST 2003

Scott W4PA and I are going to be creating the contest writeups for the ARRL
DX contests once again for 2003. Last year, we got a taste of the
possibilities of a Web-based write up. This year, we feel that - with your
help - we can look deeper into the scores and improve the breadth and scope
of the coverage. The key element will be getting information from the
participants. There are two aspects that we will tackle this year...

First - regional coverage. Because the Web write-up can, for all intents, be
as long as we want, it's high time to introduce in-depth regional coverage.
An obvious way to divide the North American coverage is by ARRL Divisions -
there are 15 of them. It would also be great to have regional coverage from
Canada, Europe, Japan, South America, and Oceania. What we need is a
volunteer (an individual or a group) from each of the ARRL Divisions and
elsewhere around the world to write about the competition from their region.
They will be given access to score data from that region in the same form in
which Scott and I get them. This is an EXCELLENT way for those great
regional races and records to be identified. No one knows your regional
operators, stations, and propagation like you do, so please consider lending
a hand. Print space limitations have "squeezed out" many great contest
stories and accolades in past years - those days are gone! If you are
interested in doing this quite-manageable job, please contact either W4PA
(w4pa at yahoo.com) or me (n0ax at arrl.net). You don't have to be a polished
writer - just enthusiastic - we'll act as your editors.

Second - more information about the competitors themselves. ARRL HQ can only
process so much information - they have their hands full handling the logs
and checking the QSOs. There is a lot of interesting information that
doesn't fit in the line scores, but makes a difference at the personal level
and simply as human interest. We are going to try to collect some of this
information - Bruce Horn WA7BNM has graciously volunteered to create a Web
page that will act as a survey form. Scott and I will analyze the results,
adding a new dimension to contest coverage beyond just the points and

We hope you'll agree that these new elements will add interest and
excitement to the traditional post-contest writeups. For the best possible
writeups, you should add your information soon after the contest while it is
still fresh! We'll be looking forward to receiving it! Here are just some of
the questions:

Latitude & Longitude (approximate)
If you entered a single op category, did you operate SO2R?
Would you consider your operation to have been a serious or casual effort?
If you entered the same category as last year, what was last year's score?
How many hours of work did you do in the shack or on antennas during the
week preceding the contest?
Did you have specific goals for this year's contest?
Did you achieve those goals?
Which band had the biggest increase in QSOs? - Note that this is a
percentage, not absolute total
Which band had the biggest increase in mults?
What was your top rate in QSOs/hour?
What was the percentage of time you spent CQ-ing vs. Search-and-Pouncing
How many hours did you spend on the air?
How many hours of sleep did you get?

The Web sites will be available after the contest at these URLs:

CW: http://www.hornucopia.com/surveys/arrldxcw.php  (This site is available
SSB: http://www.hornucopia.com/surveys/arrldxssb.php

I sure hope you'll log on afterwards and fill in all or some of the
information. In addition, if you've chafed at relative anonymity in the past
and wished that some of the great competition in your region could make the
write-up, please consider getting a couple of friends together to help make
those great stories known!

73, Ward N0AX and Scott W4PA

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