[CQ-Contest] Kudos

Michael Dinkelman mwdink at eskimo.com
Sun Feb 23 20:19:37 EST 2003

Nice words and certainly appreciated but I want to clear
the record on 3830 summaries. I'm not much more than a front
man these days. Bruce, WA7BNM is the the wizard behind the
curtain. Almost a year ago Bruce started providing the report
templates and the data comes directly out of the database
everyone enters their data into. I just push the buttons.
Almost a year ago, I was on my last legs when it came to
producing summaries and Bruce gave me my radio life back
and allowed me to stay involved at a level I find tolerable.

He won't take much credit so the best I can do is let everyone
know he deserves most of it. Add to that, his work on the NCJ
website and some others things I know he is working on.

Kudos! Bruce


>N7WA and WA7BNM, for their efficient collection and near-real-time 
>reporting of claimed contest scores.  Bruce's implementation of the 3830 
>score reporting forms and Dink's automation of the production of e-mail 
>tabulations has made it feasible to extend this service far beyond the few 
>big contests, to the benefit of all of us.  In particular, I think the 
>inclusion of many non-US-based contests has been a real contribution to 
>international good will.
>Well done!
>73, Pete N4ZR
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