[CQ-Contest] Keeping a run frequency

Nat Heatwole nat at ajheatwole.com
Mon Feb 24 13:56:23 EST 2003

This recent thread about tactics to find/keep a run frequency has made
me wonder about a particular scenario that I often encounter in
contests. Often, while running, I will have someone come on my frequency
from an adjacent frequency and ask me to QSY because they feel that I am
too close to them. This is usually another contester, but on occasion
it's a rag-chewer who's having a QSO near my run frequency. What do I
do? As I see it, I have a few options:

1. Ignore them and continue running as usual, as if I can't hear them.
True, this is rude, but manners are not always my focus when contesting.
The station may chose to stay on my run frequency and interfere with me,
but if I continue to ignore them, experience has shown they will soon

2. Acknowledge their request and QSY. This will make the other station
in question happy and avoid any type of frequency fight, but it may mean
having to find a completely different frequency, not just adjusting the
dial slightly - very time and energy consuming.

3. Acknowledge their request but don't QSY. This may result in a
frequency or other type of fight, but I may end up winning that fight,
meaning that the frequency would remain mine.

My inclination would be to do either 1 or 3, but which would be best? If
the answer is 3, what method, or specific phrase, seems to convey the
message that you're not going to move while minimizing the upset of the
other station? All thoughts and comments appreciated.
Nat, WZ3AR

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