[CQ-Contest] 160 SSB

Martin Luther luther at penalvagold.net
Tue Feb 25 00:53:27 EST 2003

I listened for a while, but you really have to be keen!

>From 1045Z on my SAT evening I was hearing the following
K8CC on1.847
N0FW on 1.850
K9NR on 1.8551
A bit later N7GP on 1.858

Later still WE3C on 1.841

I listened and called until 1200z when they seemed to get weaker and I went
to bed. I heard K9GR work another VK5 and later VK3 didn't hear whether the
others got through. VK3IO and VK3ZL were in there calling as well. I think
3IO has a dipole at 100ft and 3ZL has phased verticals and they were not
being heard either.

I use an 80ft vertical with a good ground screen.

Most of the time when I called they didn't even notice I was there. Only a
couple of times did they QRZ me.

Given the strength of their signals, even with the power differences to my
400wattsPEP I still should have been in there receivers at S7 to 9 . Clearly
the QRM levels are hopeless or the receive setups on these stations are poor
(unlikely). There is sometimes one way skip on 160 but not usually for over
an hour.

How do we manage a two way QSO? Is split an option?

I'm sorry guys I do not have the patience for this current type of


Martin VK5GN
Luther at penalvagold.net

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