[CQ-Contest] Support Request

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Wed Feb 26 09:58:14 EST 2003

Re: Bi-Annual Subscription Request


Contesting.com & eHam.net Users


I have been hosting the Contesting.com and eHam.net web sites and mailing lists on my network since 1996.  In the beginning, my company (Akorn Access) provided the hosting for free.  Since we started the eHam.net web site two years ago and began to accept advertising, eHam has been able to pay a small amount each month toward the hosting costs.  


Today, eHam.net and Contesting.com steadily consume more than a T-1 of bandwidth.  Combined, the two sites deliver well over 4 million pages and push more than 200 gigabytes of data each month.  The success of both sites and all of the mailing lists are demanding more and redundant bandwidth.   However, we face the question of how to pay for it.  


The cost to host this level of bandwidth most anywhere else would exceed $2000 per month.  eHam is currently paying only $250.00 per month, which leaves Akorn Access out of pocket for at least $23,700 per year.  


In the past, I have been able to cover these costs because Akorn was doing well enough in other areas and the utilization was not as high.  With the recent slow down in the economy and our changing Internet access business, Akorn is unable to continue this level of support.  


Many potential advertisers are engrained in their print advertising, and refuse to acknowledge the Internet as a viable method of promoting their products.  We continue to sign up new advertisers, but not at the same rate as the bandwidth utilization.  


So, I'm reluctantly forced to turn to the users of both sites for ongoing assistance.


We have an annual subscription program at eHam.net for users to help pay for the site operations.  We don't define the amount of the subscription, but rather suggest that each user define for themselves the site's value, and consider their own financial ability to subscribe.    We suggest comparing how much time you spend reading QST or CQ magazines with how much time you spend reading eHam.net, Contesting.com, or the various mailing lists when making your decision.


You can help by subscribing at http://www.eham.net/cart/product/111.  If you are unable to contribute by credit card, you can send a check to eHam.net, 5095 Hamptons Club Drive, Alpharetta, GA  30004.  



Many thanks & 73


Bill Fisher, W4AN





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