[CQ-Contest] Interminable CQ-ing Solutions

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> Is 160-meters a really narrow band?  It is if you have a narrow-band
> system.  There have been some big improvements in tuning and matching
> that should allow more of us to start using the band up around 1900 kHz
> beyond.

My solution to a "full" band antenna for Top Band is as follows.

The TX antenna at W7MCO, that I designed and constructed, is resonant at
1.890 and provides 1.25:1 or less from 1.840 to 1.950 for the SSB contest.
With a three foot extension on the top it resonates at 1.840 and provides
1.2:1 or less from 1.800 to 1.900 for the CW contests.  The Alpha is REALLY
happy with this type of load.  Details including digital photos to private
E-mail requests from those serious "want to know more".

This seven band, high performance "antenna system" in one array is 120' of
Rohn 25 with the insulated section at 40' (for 160 M) and a Force 12 C4XL at
120' for top loading (for 160 M).  Other than the ends of the 15 elevated,
sloping radials, it all fits on a 100' x 100' piece of ground.  Results of
the 2002 and 2003 CQ 160 CW & SSB 'tests speak for themselves as to the
efficiency of this setup used by N7GP.  The F12 at 120' is no slouch either.

Milt, N5IA

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