[CQ-Contest] New Michigan QSO Party Web Page

Mark Hinkleman cqnu8z at attbi.com
Sun Jan 5 13:08:46 EST 2003

The Michigan QSO Party now has its own web site: http://www.miqp.org. The new web site is intended to be a useful resource for new and experienced MiQPers alike with sections on:

MiQP contest results

Current official MiQP rules

MiQP files to download

Description of the MiQP Awards Program

In-state MiQP records by county

How to submit an electronic MiQP entry

NA Demo logging software

About the sponsor, the Mad River Radio Club

The MiQP e-mail reflector

The official results from the 2002 MiQP are posted on the new web site. Congratulations to the stations who won the major categories:

N8KR - MI High Power Single-Op

N8TC - MI Low Power Single-Op

N9NE/8 - MI QRP Single-op

K8JM - MI Multi-Op

K8MR/m (+W8DRZ) - MI Rover Mobile

WA3HAE - Top Out-state Entry from Eastern/Central Time Zones

N6ZZ - Top Out-state Entry from Mountain/Pacific Time Zones

WA3HAE - Most counties worked from Out-State

Eastern MI ARC - Michigan Club Competition

There is also a new e-mail address for sending MiQP logs: 

logs at miqp.org  The current address mqp at contesting.com  will still work for 2003, but we intend to phase it out for the future.

We're also setting up a new MiQP e-mail reflector. Details on this should be available on the web site soon.

Thanks for the participation in the 2002 MiQP, and we look forward to an even better event in 2003!

Michigan QSO Party Committee

Chairman- Dave Pruett, K8CC

Vice-Chairmen - Ted Rachwall, K8AQM and Hank Kohl, K8DD  

Communications Manager - Mark Hinkleman, NU8Z

Awards Manager - Mike Van Buren, WD8S

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