[CQ-Contest] TS-950SD Rvcr Problems

Chris Allingham ve3fu at rac.ca
Mon Jan 6 22:41:14 EST 2003

I'm having trouble with my TS-950SD.  Every so often, the receiver goes 
dead.  The S-meter goes full scale and I can't hear anything.  It's as if 
the RF-gain was turned all the way back.

Most of the time it will correct itself within a second or two.  Sometimes 
cycling the power on an off will correct it, other times I have to leave 
the power off for a while.  It's hit and miss.  Sometimes it happens 
shortly after I turn on the rig, other times it starts happening after the 
rig has been on for a few hours.  Sometimes the receiver will go quiet (and 
full S-meter) for a long time (minutes), other times it will quickly cycle 
between working and not working, as if someone was playing with the RF-gain 
knob.  I've reset the microprocessor, but it's still the same.

Has anyone experienced this before (not necessarily with a TS-950)?  What 
was the root cause?

Chris VE3FU / VO2AC

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