[CQ-Contest] Kilo-Points per hour report from logger

Dan Levin djl at andlev.com
Sun Jan 12 22:40:20 EST 2003


Some common logger, I think either CT or NA, outputs 3 breakdowns.  The first is a standard QSOs/Mults by hour.  The second is a time per band per hour (I think).  The third is "kilo-points per hour".  I can't figure out what this third report is telling me.  I am trying to analyze someone else's log in prep for WPX.  Can anyone tell me, in specific, what the kilo-points per hour break down is telling me?

To be specific, I know it is telling me how many thousand points were made in each hour.  What I can't figure out is the formula it is using to compute the number.  In this case, the contest is WPX, I know how many QSO's and how many mults were made in each hour.  I know, from the kilo-points per hour report, how many thousand points were made.  What I want to know, is how many QSO points were made in each hour.  I assume there is some way to calculate this given the kilo-points per hour report - but I can't figure out how...


               ***dan, K6IF

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