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>  think the NAQP has finally cemented its presence by virtue of the 
> tremendous amount of club activity - many radio clubs are using it for 
> training purposes in prep for Sweepstakes, etc and the increased 
> activity leveks allow the big guns to stay busy for their ten hours.

As one of the "fathers" of the NAQP (a manifestation of K5LZO, K7BV, K8CC and 
me to replace the ARRL CD Parties), I am incredibly pleased at the level of 
activity we achieved last weekend. It has met its design goal to give a 
training ground for all who want to improve their contesting skills. It is 
also a great 10 hours of strategy and stamina.

It is also a premier vehicle to foster tradition. When N6RO and I both lived 
on Long Island, Ken would consistently beat me in the CD Parties. When we 
both lived in Texas, the tradition continued. Now that we are both NCCC 
members, well you know....40+ years of me trying to improve my skills and one 
day, perhaps, be victorious over one of the best of the best!

Tom, K5RC
aka W7TTT

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