[CQ-Contest] Dark Side Again

George & Marijke Guerin gmguerin at voyager.net
Tue Jan 14 09:15:23 EST 2003

Dear Contesters,
    Every spring there is someone in the QST "letters to editor" column
complaining about contest bandwidth.  Contesters need to be ethical and
start calling on a clear frequency.
    On the other side, non-contesters frequently run Amtor or Pactor on top
of the higher frequency 40 CW contestants, either because they did not
listen to the frequency or because they think they can work through the
other station.  This also happens to 40 mtr foreign phone stations listening
up for US, who are QRMed by  Amtor, Pactor, RTTY, etc., sometimes obviously
on purpose.
    Just stay cool and try not to escalate the practice
HNY    George    K8GG

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