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FYI, Windows XP has a "compatibility" mode so you can force XP to run in a
mode that emulates an earlier version of Windows.  To run the program under
Windows 98 compatibility mode, first create a shortcut for the program.
Then right-click on the shortcut and select Properties.  Click on the
Compatibility tab and make the appropriate selections to allow the program
to run.

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> Have been using CT with a Windows 98 computer.  Have recently 
> upgraded to Windows XP and found that CT doesn't work.  
> Incidentally, have had to revert to CT 9.71 because upgraded 
> versions all had serious bugs with my Yaesu FT-920 or other 
> operating problems.
> What are the recommendations for  Windows contesting 
> software?  I hear that Writelog is good?  Any guidance would 
> be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Doc
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