[CQ-Contest] serious question

Mark Beckwith mark at concertart.com
Tue Jan 14 20:33:56 EST 2003

Hello contesters,

I have enjoyed 3 personal bests in the past 5 weeks.  My station is coming
along nicely and I am ready to get serious about contests again.  I was just
working on my 10M log to get it in before tomorrow, and wonder what the
current thinking is on the following:

I work a guy, I know I didn't get it right, I can't get him to come back
with a correction.  He's gone.  The QSO is busted.  I know it before I even
turn in the log.  I can't delete the QSO for obvious reasons - the other guy
thinks he worked me and I'm in his log.

The way I see it, it's not an error, because I already don't want to take
credit for the QSO, because I know I didn't copy it right, yet I'm obligated
to include it in my log.  How do I keep this QSO in the log but out of the
UBN report?

Mark, N5OT

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