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> Speaking as one of the principals in the "smoke filled" hospitality suite 
> at the 1985 ARRL National Convention in Louisville, KY where the NAQP was 
> conceived...
Scary...if my blurred memory serves me right both cigar puffing Chuck K5LZO 
(sadly SK) and me with my cigs were not making many friends in the suite. Had 
it not been for the fact that we had brought a few cases of beer with us, I 
am sure we would have been invited to get the &^)) out.  The thought of LZO 
and me, KZ5M at the time, in the same room with people pouching from our beer 
rations is a frightening thought -- it is amazing that no one got hurt.  Even 
more amazing is that NAQP was hatched.  Since you are the only one of the 
founders who is as pure as the driven snow itself, Dave, we probably owe you 
a great deal of thanks!

Thanks for the memories -- although the world is much better off with me 
disconnected from the kegs these days. The breweries and divorce lawyers have 
suffered from that fact but it is indeed a small price to pay for world 
peace.  From being an always colorful favorite on the ARRL Most Dreaded 
Contest Troublemaker List to ARRL Sales & Marketing Mgr - what next?! Is this 
the path to heaven or hell....

73, Dennis K7BV /1

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