[CQ-Contest] The Battle of the Bands

Matt aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Tue Jan 14 22:17:01 EST 2003

Yes indeed. The facts is: The ham frequencias are like a crowded dance floor
with various entourages all dancing to differing tunes. Sometimes I find
myself smack in the middle of a square dance when I'm trying to shake
Djibouti on 75. Or maybe I'm trying to waltz through a ragchew and in comes
somebody doing the hustle right on top of my blue suede shoes trying to cut
in on my gal. Then there are the instances when I'm trying to learn the
finer points of the 5 watt tango up the band and some rock and roller RTTYs
us right out of the arena. Some of the worst dancers are those unlicensed AM
Rappers who frequently trip me up when I'm trying to Two-Step with Europe on
ten meters.

None of us are safe no matter what music we are trying to dance to at the
time. Whether it's a swinging jitterbug contest or a romantic 'cheek to
cheek' down memory lane somehow Donna Summer always seems to show up and I
hope we can all agree on this one thing: Disco still sucks! but I guess we
all have to listen to it now and then. I'm just thankful for VFOs/VCOs and
that we aren't all rock bound like many were back in Elvis' hey-day. Anyhoo,
I wouldn't miss this dance for anything and the faster the band is playing

Who spiked the punch anyway!?

73, 45, 33.3333, 78,

One of the BeeGees

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    On the other side, non-contesters frequently run Amtor or Pactor on top
of the higher frequency 40 CW contestants, either because they did not
listen to the frequency or because they think they can work through the
other station.  This also happens to 40 mtr foreign phone stations listening
up for US, who are QRMed by  Amtor, Pactor, RTTY, etc., sometimes obviously
on purpose.


....and let's not forget some of our SSTV friends who do the same thing to
guys who happen to be 3 to 5 kHz outside the SSTV window on 20
meters.....Lovely fellows.

Bill K4XS
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