[CQ-Contest] serious question

W0UN--John Brosnahan shr at medinaec.com
Wed Jan 15 07:24:51 EST 2003


Its "nice" that you don't want to penalize the other guy by
throwing out the QSO but I agree with George -- you toss
the QSO.  It does penalize the other guy--AND RIGHTFULLY SO.

To elaborate on George's answer:

He didn't wait around to get confirmation of a good QSO--so
HE is the one that blew the QSO by tuning away before
it was completed.  Your log is clean--you didn't complete
the QSO and it is not in your log.  His log is not clean--he
didn't make the complete 2-way QSO and still he kept it in the
log.  He should be penalized if he didn't remove the QSO.

And your conscience is clear!     ;-)

--John   W0UN

At 08:20 PM 1/14/2003 -0800, George Fremin III - K5TR wrote:

>On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 08:33:56PM -0600, Mark Beckwith wrote:
> >
> > I work a guy, I know I didn't get it right, I can't get him to come back
> > with a correction.  He's gone.  The QSO is busted.  I know it before I even
> > turn in the log.  I can't delete the QSO for obvious reasons - the 
> other guy
> > thinks he worked me and I'm in his log.
> >
>This is easy.
>You toss that QSO.
>I would have never logged it during the contest.
>If I ask for a fill and the guy does not come back or
>has already moved on then we have not compleated the QSO.
>George Fremin III - K5TR
>geoiii at kkn.net
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