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No, that was not always correct.  Near the end, there was always at least
one "open" CD Party (October's) that anyone could operate in, whether or not
they held an ARRL appointment or even were an ARRL member.

This goes way, way back to the time when the Pa QSO Party was forced to
relocate from it's September weekend after the ARRL re-aligned the date for
the September VHF Contest.  (The Nittany ARC club was very heavily into the
VHF 'tests at the time, and PaQP wasn't that big a contest then either, so
it had to give).  A little while after the PaQP changed to the current 2nd
weekend in October (I don't recall how much time passed there), the October
CD Party got shifted to the same weekend.  A lot of us howled in protest
again, which fell on deaf ears.  Turned out to be a good thing, too, because
a lot of the Open CD Party participants ended up working the PaQP too --
made it a lot easier to work the West Coast mults on 80 & 40 CW late
Saturday night.

This benevelonet symmetry continued for about 3 or 4 years, as I remember,
until the CD Parties were eliminated.  And a lot of us who were upset when
the change first happened ended up regretting the loss of symmetry after
all.  So it goes.

73, ron wn3vaw

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> But you forget the CD party counted multipliers only once regardless
>of band.  I say bring back the good old days - I was a LOT better at
> (selfish I know)
> 'OT

 And don't forget, we had to have an appointment from the ARRL to
participate in that one.  There were sure a lot of ORS's and OBS's
around then.  73

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