[CQ-Contest] NAQP name handicap experiment

mwdink at eskimo.com mwdink at eskimo.com
Wed Jan 15 12:54:34 EST 2003

>I can't help but wonder if an unusual name is a
>hinderance to the NAQP score, particularly in the
>SSB contest.  In the CW contest, it's not as much
>of an issue I suspect because 1) the name is spelled
>out with each QSO and 2) there are fewer casual QSOs.

I think I did ask for a fill on Kirk. 

That's one of the reasons I use "Dink".

It's one off from "Dick", and those not paying attention
sometimes copy it wrong. You can tell when that happens
when on the 2nd or 3rd QSO with the same station you get a name
query. :>)

Towards that, I slow the name down (others do too) and add 
an extra half space (TR does this) between each letter).
Then again, with the name databases out there, it not a big
deal anymore.

BTW, just for kicks, I turned OFF the master database this NAQP
which forced me to pay attention and actually copy names and states
instead of just verifying them. I actually enjoyed myself 
more - a little less comfort level and a bit more "edge" to 
my operating.... 

...and a few more fill requests by me   :>)

Now the big question, how do you SO2R when your rate is 
bumping 100Q's an hour? I only got a few SO2R Q's in 
during some lulls.

rock on
dink, n7wa

At 01:13 PM 1/15/2003 -0600, you wrote:
In the last August NAQP SSB, I repeated my name "Kirk" 
about two hundred times, and it got really old, really 
fast. So this weekend I am going to try an experiment.
I'll use my shortened middle name, and see if I experience 
fewer repeat requests.  Folks using some kind of exchange 
database better be paying attention or they'll be dinged.

Good luck to all this weekend..


"Bob" K4RO

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