[CQ-Contest] to delete or not to delete! THAT is the question..

Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 04:09:38 EST 2003

Seems to me that ANOTHER way to do it.. (assuming
you hear the guy again) is to listen to his
exchange and then correct the areas that YOU made
 when you logged him the first time.

I don't see this as cheating or skirting the
rules because you KNOW you worked  him.. you got
a QSL or TU from him and your error was one you
KNEW you made. So..

This is premised on the following --

1) You KNOW what errors you made (typo's, etc.)

2) You hear the guy again (you can confirm what
you need and correct your error) This keeps UBN
away and all is well.

3) You can re-work him at a later time and then
delete the 'bad' Q and you are covered in so far
as YOU having him in the log. However, if the
scoring looks at time and deletes if times don't
mesh, you are UBN anyway.

4) You can re-work him, correct the 'bad' Q, and
submit the log 'as is' and then let them delete
the dupe in the scoring process. That way.. no
UBN and all you have is a dupe.

Chuck K3FT

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