[CQ-Contest] Sprint Weird Names

Robert Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 16 17:19:12 EST 2003

To Matt's point about weird names....

Although I have rarely operated in the Sprint in the past 20 years,
when I get on I tend to be mischievous and use difficult names just
to keep guys "honest".

I remember one CW Sprint when I operated LP with crappy
antennas and send "Eemio" (a real Haitian name BTW) at about 45 wpm.
I chuckled as many Sprint Diehards struggled badly.

I have also used Scandalla (on SSB), Obert, Louanne and a few

The best adventure was when I started a CW Sprint in Mass using
one name, worked K8CC on two different bands (with two different names)
from K8HVT's station in Noroton,CT (W1NN now) and then worked K8CC
on the third band with a third name from my Coop in Selden, NY.
Three bands, three names and three different states is probably a Sprint
It sure was a LOT of fun!  (Different name for each band)

Dave, K8CC understandably seemed a bit confused, but being the good op that
he is,
he didn't argue, he just asked me to reconfirm the name and state each time.

Bob KQ2M

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