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The number of people interested in contetsing can be measured
in different ways.

Fact is the number of people interested in contesting is growing.

Submissions of logs tell also submissing the logs is easier
than ever before.
Logging is easier than ever before, with the dupechecking
and all we had to do on paper in the 80's.

At the end, total number of calls in the logs will show how
big the growth really is, as the growth of record making scores.

Jukka, OH6LI
Contest Manager of SRAL, The Finnish Radio Relay League
In contests OH4A or OH0V

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] 2002 A GROWTH YEAR FOR ARRL CONTESTS
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> The ARRL Letter
> Vol. 22, No. 03
> January 17, 2003
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> The year 2002 was a banner year for ARRL's Contesting Branch. 
> Manager Dan
> Henderson, N1ND, reports a record number of total entries for
> ARRL-sponsored operating events.
> "The total of 18,817 beats 2001's 18,505, a nearly 1.7 
> percent increase!"
> Henderson said. Despite the downward slope of Cycle 23, the 2002 ARRL
> 10-Meter Contest saw a more than 18 percent jump in log 
> submissions over
> the previous year, he added, even as logs continued to arrive.
> "Activity is up across the board for almost all contests, and 
> I think we
> would have seen more than 19,000 logs returned," Henderson 
> said, "but the
> World Radiosport Team Championships (WRTC 2002) in Finland last July
> affected numbers for the IARU HF World Championships, as 
> several hundred
> of the world's top contest operators were there." Henderson notes that
> since WRTC 2002 used slightly different rules, the logs from those
> operators could not be entered in the IARU event, which ARRL 
> administers.
> The 2002 ARRL 10-Meter Contest, proved to be record-setter in several
> ways. According to Henderson, not only was the December 14-15, 2002,
> operating event the most active 10-meter contest on record, it had the
> single highest number of participants returning logs of any 
> single contest
> in League history. As of January 16, the Contest Branch had 
> logged 3051
> entries and was still counting. "That's the very first time a
> single-weekend ARRL contest has topped the 3000 mark in entries,"
> Henderson said.
> Other ARRL operating events that also saw increased numbers 
> of logs over
> 2001 were Straight Key Night, up 22 percent; the ARRL 
> 160-Meter Contest--a
> CW event--up 19 percent; the ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest, up 
> 11 percent;
> and ARRL Field Day, up by one-half of one percent. For the first time
> ever, the 160-meter event topped 900 entries.
> ARRL November Sweepstakes entries jumped between two and 
> three percent for
> the CW and SSB weekends in 2002, Henderson said. Entries 
> received for the
> ARRL international DX Contest remained approximately level 
> for each mode
> last year as did submissions for the ARRL's four major 
> VHF-UHF-SHF events
> in 2002.
> Henderson said the move to require Cabrillo-format electronic logs has
> proved a major boon to the Contest Branch. The elimination of 
> most manual
> log entry has moved up the posting of contest results by 
> about a month, he
> said. He said he expected the Contest Branch would be fine tuning
> electronic log-processing during 2003.
> Rules for all ARRL-sponsored operating events are available 
> on the ARRL
> Web site <http://www.arrl.org/contests/calendar.html>.
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