[CQ-Contest] 40m Beams and Domestic Contests

Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
Tue Jan 21 21:26:58 EST 2003

40 meters provides two different challenges from Maryland in a
contest.  One challenge is daytime operation, where high angles
for a lot of relatively local contacts on a very crowded and very
band.  During the daytime your 40-2CD could provide you with some help
on longer haul contacts, but it wouldn't be a good antenna to call CQ
Make sure you have a good -- perhaps a very special -- high angle 40M
antenna for the daytime.  A 1 wavelength loop lying flat at 15-20 feet
with a one wavelength loop lying flat on the ground underneath it
(kind of
like a square radial field) to keep ground losses to a minimum is my
suggestion.  But by about 0300Z (depending on solar fulx) you'll
find that most of the power fed into the loop goes right on through
ionosphere and out into deep space.  Chicago stations could be 20 dB
or more louder than stations 10 miles away under those conditions.
is when the 40-2CD becomes an asset.  CQ with it pointed West, swing
it around when answering weaker stations...

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> This question is mainly geared towards those in the midatlantic
> but it's relevant to virtually everyone who works domestic contests,
> particuarly from the coasts. My QTH is in Maryland and I'm curious
> there is any strategy when using a directional 40m antenna such as
> 40-2CD during donestic contests (SS, NAQP, FD, Sprints, etc.).
> Specifically, I'm wondering if there is a strategy to where I should
> point the beam. From MD there's no point beaming east (just DE and
> Atlantic out that way), but where do I beam amongst the other
> directions?
> 1. I could beam N/NE and be loud in New England, but W4/W5 would be
> the back of the beam, the Midwest would be off the side, and on
> I'm beaming right into the broadcast QRM.
> 2. I could beam W and be loud in the Midwest as well as nulled to
> broadcast stations, but New England, W4, and W5 would be off the
> of the beam.
> 3. I could beam S and be loud in W4/W5, and the BC QRM would be off
> back of the beam, but New England would also be off the back and the
> midwest would be off the side.
> Is there a good answer to this quandry, or do I just have to keep
> the beam around every now and then? The 40-2CD does have a wide
> beamwidth (~90 degrees at -3dB), but it would be nice not to have
> nulls (paraticularly sharp nulls) in areas where there are lots of
> as is the case in all of the above options. Any advice?
> 73, Nat, WZ3AR
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