[CQ-Contest] Re: IARU HF line scores in QST, Mistakes

SP5UAF tomek at sp5zcc.waw.pl
Wed Jan 22 15:32:56 EST 2003


We just searched thourgh the cq-contest archive and found the IARU
Contest scores thread.

For SN0HQ: the person responsible for preparing the the log of our HQ
station was Tom SP3DWQ. He had the full list of SN0HQ operators.
Unfortunately he suddenly had to go to the hospital due to serious
health problems. 

In the meantime Bogdan SP3RBR came back from WRTC and took care about
the SN0HQ log (SP3RBR is a good friend of SP3DWQ - the same town, the
same club). However Bogdan had no the complete list of SN0HQ operators
as Tom did't enclose this info to the .bin files. So in the end Bogdan
decided to send the log with the call signs of SN0HQ host-stations.
And so on - Chris SP7GIQ and Kaz SP2FAX were in Finland participating
in WRTC but their stations were used in IARU Contest. And that is why
their calls appeared in the final results. So in this case it is not
any error of the Committe. They just listed the calls sent with SN0HQ

However some Polish HAMs informed they are not listed in Check-List
(but they sent logs) and one case where station was placed in other
category than submitted one. In all of these cases they received robot
reply that submitted log is correct.


S> Look at the operators list of Polish Headquarter station.
S> You will find those polish representatives at WRTC 2002
S> were participating from Poland at the same time...
S> 73!Gedas,LY3BA

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