[CQ-Contest] Re: [TCG] K5RC Home Station Proposal

Scott W4PA w4pa at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 22 10:51:46 EST 2003

K5RC, to wit:

> Guest ops also tend to choose very well equipped stations with many 
> antennas and superior geography (duh!) that they did not fund out of 
> the family budget.  Again, this is not sour grapes, it is just >
> In looking at recent scores in close contests like SS and NAQP, it
> does 
> make a difference whether you are a guest or a resident. I don't want
> to change anything, just compare apples to apples, as an aside to the
> regular top ten box.
> Tom, K5RC
> aka W7TTT

I usually operate at K4JNY's place, but considering Jeff has my
linear amplifier, my HF rig, most of my coax and antennas, my
dollars for towers and antennas, my labor from multiple 200 mile
roundtrip drives on non-contest weekends to build and/or do
station maintenance, I guess I'd call it my 'home station', 'cause
I don't have one at my usual residence.  This is guest op?  Out of
courtesy to Jeff and to appreciate the effort that we've both gone
to putting up the station, I always notate (@K4JNY) on my log
submissions, but geez, Jeff would probably call it my home
station even though it's in his basement.

Yeah, Jeff has superior geography at his QTH, no question.  But this
came from a willingness to live in a rural area and to find and
build a QTH suitable for radio contesting.  Cheaply.  

This is one of those nuances of radio contesting (like the "unfair"
advantage that SO2R supposedly has, or the advantage of W1 in DX
contesting) that just has to be lived with. 

Scott W4PA

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