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<<  Specifically, that
 a serious guest op who has someone help him (e.g. fix an 
 antenna) DURING the contest has a significant advantage over 
 the op who must do it himself. >>

Just to play devil's advocate here..The ability to have things fixed for the 
op is not reserved for just guest ops.  Suppose we consider someone's OM or 
XYL can climb and fix an antenna when it  goes bad when the op is on the air.

I have had guest ops at my station and sometimes I fix stuff and sometimes 
I'm not around to do it and the guy's on his own.  Who really cares if a guy 
has somebody fix something for him.  I feel that no one knows his station and 
better than the station owner.  It is set up for HIS preferences.  Any guest 
op is at a disadvatage to some degree because it is not his set up.

Now that I am married again, do I get in some new classification since my XYL 
brings me snacks and drinks during the contest and pops the kinks out of my 
back during breaks?  When I was single I was on my own.  Jeez, if I get beat 
by N6NJ because he is a guest op at a great station, I sure don't care if 
someone fixed his antennas, his car or served him gourmet meals on his break. 
 He whipped my ass, and that's all I see.  

This is kind of like the guys whining about SO2R.  Who cares if someone uses 
ten  radios?  If they can do it and do it as a guest op  at KC1XX's place, 
good for them if they win.  As long as the rules are followed , more power to 

Bill K4XS

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