[CQ-Contest] Old topic - New Wrinkle

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Wed Jan 22 18:38:40 EST 2003

George's example gets to the root of the issue.  Its not whether the 
station is a home station or guest operation, its WHETHER THE 
SINGLE-OPERATOR GETS ASSISTANCE which makes the difference.

Fat chance getting the contesting community to get behind this concept...


At 05:03 AM 1/22/03 -0800, George Fremin III - K5TR wrote:
>On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 01:35:46AM -0600, K4RO Kirk Pickering wrote:
> > I'm all for it Tom.  Interestingly, a similar discussion
> > just broke out on the TCG reflector.  Specifically, that
> > a serious guest op who has someone help him (e.g. fix an
> > antenna) DURING the contest has a significant advantage over
> > the op who must do it himself.  The advantage is as much mental
> > as technical or physical.  I would have given my eyeteeth to
> > have someone help me when everything broke here during CW SS.
> > But I'm not sure I would have felt like a single op if I did.
> > I also agree that a separate catrgory is unnecessary.  Maybe
> > just a marker, like there used to be for LP & QRP in the Sprints.
> >
>mmmmm..... I was what most would describe as a "guest op"
>when I operated from the W5KFT station. Whenever I did a
>single op contest I was the only person there - indeed
>the station owner was 300+ miles away. There was no pit crew.
>But this was also not the station at my house.
>There was no one to bring me food or water or anything else.
>So I fail to see how you can define this division of catagories
>into anything that makes sense.
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