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> I'm with George on this one. First of all, some contests (ARRL
> say that single operator is a station where one operator does all the
> operating, logging and equipment and antenna adjustments himself. I do not
> believe this rule to prohibit guest ops, merely the activities and who
> performs them DURING the contest.

I presme that the quote of ARRL rules is accurate.
If not, I apologize for not going to the source rather than accepting
the reference as being accurate.

Antenna adjustments? To me, that means move the rotator or
adjust the elements (on that funny new variable element ant).
The op does that without help.

It does NOT mean that the op has to bypass a blapped lightning
arrestor or replace a snapped guy wire or carry and install a
replacement for something broken.

Can you imagine an Indy driver who has to get out of the cockpit
to change his own tires? Or to adjust the suspension?

Single Op means one person operates. Bring him/her food,
dump the porta potty, find a replacement paddle when his
ancient Bencher flies to the winds. DON'T tell him wot bands
are hot much less who is on what freqs.

Finding and working the multitudes is the operator's responsibility,
not to be violated. Repairing broken station parts is NOT, in
my humble opinion.

What's next? Handicapped contesting? Something like,
"you won last year so we'll take two million points away from
your score this year?"  Bull pucky.

Keep it simple.

Bill K6KM

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