[CQ-Contest] Old topic - New Wrinkle

ken.claerbout at equant.com ken.claerbout at equant.com
Thu Jan 23 10:41:10 EST 2003

I'm probably one of those who meet even the strictest definition of
operating from home although I don't regularly participate in SS or NAQP.
I operate from my own house, own station, deal with any problems station or
otherwise during a contest, and am lucky if someone brings me a meal during
the weekend.  Do I feel this places me at a disadvantage?  Not really.
There are too many other factors that are more influential like station
location, station hardware and operator capability. (OK guest ops usually
factor this into their decision on where to operate from)  I enjoy
competing against the best regardless of who is operating from what
station.  If that means going against K1AR at K1EA's or some guest op at
K5ZD's that's OK with me.  It just pushes me to work harder.  So I
personally do not need to see a separate list for Single Op at Home.

Ken K4ZW

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