[CQ-Contest] second radio on a band

ted demopoulos kr1g at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 23 16:43:48 EST 2003

I look forward to the responses!

I'm *far* from a big multi, but here's what I've done.

On 10/15/20 I have an R7 (a multiband vertical) about 700 feet behind (thats 
away from Europe when you're in New England!) the stacks. With zero filters, 
it is possible to have a second station on 10, 15 or 20 and use interlocks 
or "hand signals" to work a few stations S&P while the main station on that 
band is running. Of course the antenna leaves alot to be desired compared to 
the stacks!

What DID NOT work was using this station to clean up the bandmap/packet 
spots. Just too many needed mults were not audible on the R7 - and you don't 
know if the spot is old/bad or you just can't hear the mult on the  R7).

Now you do get some phase noise and strange interference, but it works. In 
fact in CQWW CW when NT1N was here, I found I could actually listen to his 
TX freq and hear him run the pileup - didn't even need any attenuation. He 
was about 59+10

On 40m, I haven't tried anything, but hope to stick a dedicated vertical 
maybe 900 feet or so from the nearest yagi.

On 80m, my furtherest beverage is maybe 500 feet to the side of the 4 sq 
(again, front means towards Eu from here). I can do some limited 2 radio 
operation. In CQWW SSB, I did a SB 80m operation and it helped a lot, even 
though the beverage points NE and I DID have quite a bit of interference. 
But if I found a "new" pileup with the likes of XX, LPL, KI in it, I pretty 
much KNEW it was a needed mult and would QSY the main raio/ant there. It 
wasn't great as I really could only hear strong stations with the QRM from 
my CQing, but it did add a few extra mults and Qs

On 160, I have no solution as of yet.

Note that the second radio used no bandpass filters or stubs or anything

Ted KT1V

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