[CQ-Contest] Re: Again?

Scott W4PA w4pa at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 24 13:48:22 EST 2003

>Why would making SO2R a seperate category "inhibit competitive
>operating practices"?

>No one is suggesting you not develop operator ability.

What is the incentive to develop operator ability if every time
an innovation within the rules is segregated to a different
category?  Yeah, I'm going to invest mental energy developing
a competitive advantage in the hopes that later on it will
be banned or removed from use.  Why bother, then?

>What you are saying is you want to be a "Joe Lewis" fighting a light
>After all, weren't the initial rules of boxing the same?

Great analogy.  Two hands, two ears, two radios.  Some boxers
have a well-developed sense of balance and use one hand for
dominant punching.  To make it fair, let's have boxers all tie
one hand behind their back - that way each boxer can use one
well-developed hand each, and "fairness" will prevail.  I mean, we
can't let an ambidextrous fighter in the ring with a left-hander,
now can we?  


Scott W4PA

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