[CQ-Contest] Single op technology aided.

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Sat Jan 25 03:03:24 EST 2003

> The clear distinction is that with packet, you have involved other
operators with you which then means that you are no longer single-operator.
> All of the other things that are part of a SO2R set up are things you, as
a single operator control and use.
> Those contests that do not draw a distinction between packet use and
single op, have essentially changed to a Single-Op Assisted only.  There is
no category for single operator in those contests any longer.  I believe
that the WAE is this way now.
> 73,
> Bob
> N5NJ

While I do not support the idea of separate category for SO2R we may
sometime arrive to the more precise definition of the single op. That
definition would be more strict in limiting the technology in use of the
operator. Even now it is possible in CW and RTTY contests to create robot
that would scan the band, decode CW (or RTTY), filter the information using
the set of rules (repeated call sign near "cq test" or whatever), putting
these calls into band map or even working them. Imagine 5 or 10 such a
robots assisting the operator. There will be no violation of the rules but
still that operator will have huge advantage over "pure human" operator.
Fortunately we already have the rule limiting the separation between
antennas but there is still enough space to organize such a robot aided
contest operation. Nothing prevents us from setting such a set up right now,
the technology is here. So I think the rules will have to change and SO2R is
just pushing that time nearer.

73, Igor UA9CDC

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