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<< Why would making SO2R a seperate category "inhibit competitive
 operating practices"? >>

Why in the world are we still debating this issue?

When I came back into contesting a lot of the guys had started using two 
radios.  I wasn't very proficient in using two, but I have learned.  Am I the 
best at it? Probably not , but it has helped my score.  If I could figure out 
how to do a third and not lose my mind I might give it a shot.  The problem 
with a SO2R can't be a matter of cost since one can borrow a second rig or 
pick up a cheap second rig like an old TS 930 or somehting like that.  Why 
all the bitching and moaning?

Do contests have categories for entrants with towers over 100 feet?  Do they 
have categories with towers less than 20 feet?  Do they have categories for 
stations with old equipment, or stations not using computers?  Nope!  

Before I built my big station and I got beat by super stations (and not so 
super stations) operated by guest ops who used two radios and used computers 
for logging.  Did I complain and try to get the rules changed because I 
wasn't winning?  Nope. I sucked it up and worked on improving my skills and 
station.  I realize not everyone has the financial resources or the real 
estate to put up a gazillion 200 footers and stacks, but almost any 
conterster can afford the second radio and can improve his skills.

Weren't there similar complaints about contesters using computers when they 
first became popular....unfair advantage I think was the charge.  Kinda 
sounds like the same complaints about two radios.  

If you want to win you've got to grow with the hobby.  If you didn't you 
would still be using a hand key, crystals in a Viking II, using a checksheet 
the size of a bedsheet, underlining the 'Ks" and circling the 'WAs" and 
double underlining the 'WBs"  Some day operating one radio will fall into the 
above category

Guys, do try operating with a second radio.  It is really a good way to not 
be bored during the second day.  You'll be kept busy and you will learn a new 
skill  Remember how you felt using a computer to log the first time in a 
contest?  Same thing.  You wouldn't go back would you?   Go ahead and 
"cheat", use that second radio. 

Bill K4XS...........SO2R

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