[CQ-Contest] STUFF and "packet"

Tyler Stewart k3mm at comcast.net
Sat Jan 25 12:20:30 EST 2003

To assume that a large number of SO's cheat and use packet is degrading to
the contest community.

I used to think DXcluster packet would be a nice addition to contesting, but
I've come to find it uninteresting.

CQWW used to be all about hunting multipliers and making QSO's for
yourself...all about the operators and your own station.  At multi's it's
degenerated into spending most of your time chasing spots on a second radio
that everyone else is going to get as well.  The only fun is trying to beat
the other guy in the pileup that insues.  Yeah, the scores are higher, but
it's become too much a product of the machine.

SO2R, once you get beyond the extra hardware required is ALL operator skill.
There's the challenge...


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> I marvel at those skilled in SO2R.  Maybe I'll be proficient by the time
> 70 (soon).  Or not.  Meanwhile, please, let's leave these fellows alone;
> perhaps we can shut our mouths, open our minds, and learn.   Special
> category? Nah.  Special operators?  You bet they are.........
> Second topic.  Let's do away with ASSISTED.   Packet is here to stay.  So
> many are using it today, and claiming un-assisted, why should they have
> 'special advantage'?  Let everyone use it, without penalty.
> Jim Neiger  N6TJ
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