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Sat Jan 25 19:24:22 EST 2003

99.9% of the time I agree with the very astute Mr. Nieger, however, this
time I must make an exception. DO AWAY with packet for all categories. How
much of a 'CONTEST' is it if you know what frequency to go to and who's on
it????? I thought the basic concept of a contest was to pit my skills
against your skills, not the skills of a third party telling me who is on
what frequency. It requires absolutely no skill or brains to look at a
computer screen and see ZD8Z on 21025 and go there and work him. What have
you proven except you know how to read. Most packet programs will even send
your radio to the frequency and send the CW for you. That's not contesting
that's being a robot for your computer.

MAL                N7MAL

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> I marvel at those skilled in SO2R.  Maybe I'll be proficient by the time
> 70 (soon).  Or not.  Meanwhile, please, let's leave these fellows alone;
> perhaps we can shut our mouths, open our minds, and learn.   Special
> category? Nah.  Special operators?  You bet they are.........
> Second topic.  Let's do away with ASSISTED.   Packet is here to stay.  So
> many are using it today, and claiming un-assisted, why should they have
> 'special advantage'?  Let everyone use it, without penalty.
> Jim Neiger  N6TJ
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