[CQ-Contest] SO2R

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sat Jan 25 22:30:55 EST 2003

The notion that SO2R represents an advantage and should be segregated is
totally and completely absurd. Beyond belief.

Of course it represents an advantage. There would be no reason to do it
otherwise. But so does every decision we make to improve our station. If we
upgrade from RG-213 to LMR 400, it's an advantage over those still using RG
213. If we add 20 feet to our 80 foot tower, it represents an advantage over
the guy who stays at 80 feet. If we buy a pair of 4 el monobanders for 20
meters, it represents an advantage over the guy who just has one. If we buy
a radio with a better S/N ratio, it represents an advantage. If we practise
with Pileup on our work break, that gives us an advantage. If we can copy CW
in one ear while listening to propagation forecasts from WWV on the other,
that's an advantage, isn't it? If we trade in the Dentron GLA 300 for an
Alpha 87b, that's an advantage. If person A has a no-tune Alpha and person B
has a manually tuned amp, person A has an advantage.

The point is: we generally don't do things that represent a disadvantage, do
we? We don't say "Oh, that 5/5/5/5 on 20 meters is just too darn hot, better
take off the top two antennas," now do we?

Are we going to create separate categories for every little advantage?

That SO2R is an advantage simply is not pertinent. If it is, then every
other advantage we seek is also subject to scrutiny. Is SO2R unfair? No.
Everyone can SO2R if they choose. That people choose not to should not be
cause to inflict punishment on those who do.

If SO2R is unfair, then so is every other advantage anyone may have.

If there's enough demand, I would support an SO1R category. That gives
people who feel hard done by against SO2R ops an out if they choose, but
does not diminish the level of competition on the main playing field.
However, if you force SO2R ops into their own arena, you're taking away the
chance for SO1R op to play giant killer. And it does happen.

If you think you can't win without SO2R, then you're already defeated.

I'd still rather see Single Operator refer only to the number of brains
behind the radio, not the number of radios in front of the brain.

73, kelly

Support excellence in contesting. Don't try to water it down.

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