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<< Packet is a 'trick of the trade' --  it has its own category for single 
ops. >>

Packet is NOT a trick of the trade.....It IS getting active assistance in S/P 
ing for multipliers from another human being....a second or third op.  Having 
the abiltiy to copy 60 WPM or to copy on one xcvr and tranmitting on a second 
xcvr IS a trick of the trade.  The operator is not getting any active 
asssitance from another human being in copying 60 WPM or doing a two radio 
operation.  If some guy is sitting there in the shack helping the operator 
find stations or copying the cw for him, that's a different story.

Again, we heard all the stuff before back in the 80s when computer logging 
was coming into use....unfair advantage...blal blah blah. The computer sends 
CW.  It changes the bands for the op.  It keeps track of multipliers and 
dupes.  It tells me beam headings.  Jeez, some guys can even use it to turn 
their beams to the correct heading.  Come to think of it, maybe we need  
another classification for operators with assistance from computers to turn 
their antennas. It sounds like an unfair advantage to me. I can't do it with 
my rotors.

Bill K4XS

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