[CQ-Contest] So2R--try writing a rule separating SO2R

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Sun Jan 26 03:51:28 EST 2003

"W. Wright, W5XD" <w5xd at writelog.com wrote: "In my opinion its time to
either shut up or do something. So I'd like to see an advocate of the
separate SO2R category post a definition of SO2R IN WRITING to cq-contest."

When will any/all understand that there is no "campaign" to separate SO2R?
The issue is to create a SO1R category, and in August 2001 this "ending" to
an article, written by me, was sent to all contest sponsors?

SO1R = one (1) person using (1) radio, regardless of whether is has dual VFO
's, and if it does, not using that second VFO! How can this be enforced? The
same way HP/LP is enforced!
C'Ya, Shelby

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