[CQ-Contest] An experiment in Assisted operating

Larry N7DF n7df at zianet.com
Sun Jan 26 06:00:46 EST 2003

Since I did not feel up to really operating either of the CQWW contests this year I decided to do a little experiment with assisted operating.

I simply tried to work as many of the different multipliers that I found on the DX cluster as I could hear.  I did not call CQ once and only worked stations that were new multipliers.

In the end I had fewer multipliers than I had when I operated as single operator unassisted, calling CQ, hunting and pouncing and hunting multipliers on the second VFO.

This was true on both the CW and SSB contests.  The only benefit was that I picked up some new band countries.

The conclusion from this was that many of the stations that I count on for multipliers are not calling CQ themselves but only hunting and pouncing.  I saw many of these posted on the cluster but, when I tuned to the posted frequency they were not there any longer.

As for me and my station, we will keep the packet turned off during the contests.  I will do my own hunting and pouncing, thank you.


Remember E equal I times R is not just a good idea.  It is the law!

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