[CQ-Contest] Re: SO2R

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Sun Jan 26 12:37:37 EST 2003

Doug Smith W9WI wrote:

> ======================================
> My point is that we already have categories for less-than-maximum
> facilities, and the vast majority of us fully support those categories.  It
> is not ridiculous to consider creating new categories or modifying the ones
> we have.
> ======================================
> Which does not mean I think SO2R should be segregated or banned.  
> Personally, I think we have a great enough *quantity* of categories, but
> maybe we need to rethink how some of those categories are defined.

We don't even NEED or necessarily WANT a new category.  I think MOST 
SO1R folks would be satisfied with just adding a simple little asterisk 
(*) next to a callsign in the results, denoting SO1R or SO2R.  That's 
it.  Plain and simple.  What's so hard about that?

You have those who then talk about about then adding more categories 
like one tower vs. two, low high power vs. high high power, blah, blah 
blah.  These "categories" you worry about have only been brought up as 
an "argument" against it by the anti-asterisk folks ... not by anyone 
asking for some kind of distinction between SO1R vs. SO2R.

If SO2R is such high level skill ... why be afraid to let the world know 
you posses this skill?  Wouldn't you want your "buddies" to know you 
posses the talent and capability to run SO2R, while us second class SO1R 
guys don't?

If you're so proud of this skill, why hide that fact from others?  Is it 
a big "secret"?  Do you feel you might be doing something illegal and 
don't want folks to know or scrutinize your activities?  Are you afraid 
to get beaten by a second class SO1R station (and without an *, no one 
will know ... except you)?

Is it an advantage?  When you read comments like "Worked XXX stations 
and XX mults on the second radio" ... it sure the heck is!  Otherwise 
why do it?  That's XXX more QSO's and XX multipliers a SO1R guy doesn't 
have a chance at working!

If I'm looking at the results, and I see a BUNCH of SO2R scores ahead of 
mine ... and then mine shows up among the second class SO1R gang ... 
then I'm satisfied, in knowing I've done my best competing against my 
second class SO1R peers ... and not agonize over why I got my butt 
kicked and why I am XXX QSO's and XX mults behind the winner.  Now at 
least I'll know why.

That's why I can't understand why something as simple as adding a * to 
the results, is such a big issue!

73, Ron  WD4AHZ


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