[CQ-Contest] SO2R

Sean Fleming k8khz at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 26 11:47:31 EST 2003

I think I will quit contesting cause I will never win with my small station. I can not afford another radio.  I havve no internet connection with packet. HMMMMMMMM is that a solution? All that would be left is you Big Gun and SO2R, and your QSO rate might fall 25 finally.  

Or would you like to be competitive like real contestors that compete in the IARU contest. where your system is the same. same tower, same amount of radios. You know trouble is this; 

"For one glorious year I had bragging rights to the Dakota Division record for SS
LP Phone.  The next year a better operator, N0BSH (now K9NW), at a better
station, N0AT, took it away from me by a huge margin.  My goal is to overcome
whatever advantages N0BSH @ N0AT had and reclaim those bragging rights.  If the
contest sponsor mucks around and puts hired guns or SO2R in a different
category, then I won't have that opportunity."

that is a complaint about not having enough  equipment. I hope yaesu makes more money. You know I would like to see the people with the big towers and the multi radios make that many q's with my wire and 100 watts. Or would they be back intherest of the pack. I belive this would be the case.  

I tell you that until you separate the guest ops from the real single ops then always will they win. I just dont see any fun in winning all the time if all you use is soley advantages. The real thing I look for is an improvement in like my LCR getting calls right. I look for improving operating skills. Obviously some people like buying ther plaque here.

I dont. I like working at a large station dont get me wrong. but I know that it has advantages against a smaller station and I will belive always cause it is the truth that a SO2R does not belong in the single person catagory. Neither does a packet assisted person. only difference of the two is the dial turning amount. 

to sum this all up. If you are complaining cause you might get beat if they make you competeing with someone of your own catagory with simuliar staion setup then you are the complainer not us. some people like to compete on an even playing field with two shoes not one for the race.





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