[CQ-Contest] An experiment in Assisted operating

Don Cassel doncassel at compuserve.com
Sun Jan 26 15:41:48 EST 2003

Hi all,

For some time I have felt that Assisted is an unnecessary category. As
spotting is so pervasive and so is the Net it seems of little value to try
and support a category that everyone can use unlike large antennas, SO2R,
high power, etc.

I also have tried using spotting in the Assisted category to see if it makes
a big difference in my score. To the best of my opinion it makes virtually
no difference. As a little gun station often I cannot hear the spot anyway
and as I spend more time doing S&P than running (of necessity) I apparently
come across most of the spotted stations anyway. I say drop the Assisted

de Don VE3XD (VE3BUC)

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> >I simply tried to work as many of the different multipliers that
> I found on
> the DX cluster as I could hear.  I did not call CQ once and only worked
> stations that were new multipliers.
> >In the end I had fewer multipliers than I had when I operated as single
> operator unassisted, calling CQ, hunting and pouncing and hunting
> multipliers on the second VFO.
> Larry, I have had a similar experience. I tried experimenting in some
> contests which I was not really participating but I wanted to explore the
> "assisted" issue. I found the same thing. The "assisted" issues appears to
> be a non-issue! There is so much junk posted and besides the propagation
> differs so much from place to place the post frequently have no
> value. It is
> probably different when a group of people in the same
> geographical area set
> up their own exclusive spotting nets. If anything, like you I found packet
> assist to be a hindrance. Search & pounce seemed far more productive.
> Perhaps we need more experiments and less hearsay before we can adequately
> resolve this issue. It might be a non-issue.
> ... Sylvan
> Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
> Saskatoon, SK
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