[CQ-Contest] Re: SO2R

Sylvan Katz jskatz at sk.sympatico.ca
Sun Jan 26 14:52:49 EST 2003

> Doesn't the 3830 Score Rumors reflector serve this purpose?  There's far
> more information in those results than there ever will be published in CQ
> or QST.

Yes - 3830 is an ideal place to gather information. Unfortunately, this
information is not available like sponsor contest information is not
available in a format suitable for analysis. Don't get me wrong - 3830 is
ideal if you want to surf the postings of individuals. But if you want to
look across everyone in the group and do some elementary statistical
analysis you can't do it with 3830.

Perhaps we need a simple categorical database that is updated by individual
contestants via the email and the database has a robot front-end. It
information could even be in the cabrillo format. This way we could extract
the calls of contestants that have similar set-ups to our own even though we
have to manually look each call up in a contest sponsor's database.
Eventually, I hope sponsors will put their data in a publicly accessible
relational database and then it all becomes very simple. We create a
relational table using the categorical database and the sponsors
database --- BINGO -- more information than most of us could ever digest in
a year.

 Can you image the fun we could have with something like that? And can all
be built with public domain tools!

... Sylvan

Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK

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