[CQ-Contest] 3830 improvements (was SO2R)

Sylvan Katz jskatz at sk.sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 27 08:40:52 EST 2003

> For all scores posted using the web form, I think Bruce Horn & Co. could
> deliver a database that's suitable for analysis, assuming everyone filled
> in all the required information (i.e. checking off the SO2R box as
> appropriate).

Jim, it would be wonderful it 3830 could provide the summary information in
a form that could be downloaded and imported into a database. Even having
the summary information in a csv file would certainly be useful. Adding some
more optional check off boxed might go some way to providing a means to
gather more information.

A neat feature, if it could be figured out how to do it simply, would be to
allow individual contestants to update their claimed score, qsos, mults etc
with the actual score, qsos, mults etc. This would really improve the value
of the information at 3830

... Sylvan

Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK

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