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Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
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I'm going to have to point out that KQ2M's claim as the first SO2R
operator is at least a decade late.  I was operating SO2R from W6HX
in about 1970 and won the SS CW, SS Ph, and ARRL DX Ph contests,
plus a number of CD parties as single operator, and a few CQ SSB
(predecessor to WPX) a few CQWW SSB, and one CQWW CW
as multi-single from that station running two transceivers as well.
of this took place in the 1970's decade, and I don't attempt to claim
that I was doing it within two decades of the pioneers.  I can
pictures in the magazines of stations with two 75A4's and two 32V3's
during the 50's.  I believe that K6LOM ran SO2R at the W6YMD
multi-op station in the 50's using similar equipment during the late
and early 60's as well.  WA0CVS (W0UA operator) ran SO2R
when I edged George for the top spot in the SS Phone, W9IOP ran
SO2R when I edged Larry for the top spot in the SS CW, W6ITA
(later W6RR) was running SO2R when I beat him out for 6-land
bragging rights in the ARRL DX Ph one year, the next year K1ZM
was running SO2R in a similar 1-2 finish in the same contest.  The
following year W3WJD was single-operated SO2R.  One time
I was operating the ARRL DX Ph and K6AHV and I were close
to each other in the second weekend.  He was SO2R and played
me audio real time of W6MAR running 15 meter JA's whilw we
chatted on 20M.  All of this took place before 1978.

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> Hi Ken,
> This is the first SO2R "debate" that I have sat out.  It's hard NOT
> get sucked in but a lot easier on the blood pressure if you don't.
> I'm not sure that anyone on this reflector has ever changed their
> opinion because of intelligent posts (we can hope though)
> but it is good that people are defending the value and
> practice of SO2R against the "infidels"!
> I find it amusing that no one ever bothers to mention that I was the
> first guy who REALLY started using SO2R in every DX contest, back in
> 1985 and won the 1987-1989 ARRLCW by doing two radios before
> it became "de rigueur".
> After that, KC1F (who operated from K1EA back then) and K1TO
> started using 2 radios as well.   :-).  Most of the rest of the
> top-10 started to use 2 radios in DX contests soon after that.
> Now of course it is almost unthinkable to try to seriously compete
> without 2 radios.   :-)
> One of these days I will make the time to electronically switch my
> antennas, amps, radios, etc. instead of doing it manually
> Are you planning to do serious SOABHP in ARRLCW in a few weeks?
> 73
> Bob KQ2M
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