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Bob Naumann - N5NJ bob.naumann at gte.net
Wed Jan 29 12:31:23 EST 2003

> Well, I'm going to have to disagree, Bob.  I know of at
> least one early SO2R operator who made real use of
> the capability...


I think you've confirmed what I've stated rather than refuted it.

As I said, "if anyone was able to do this without the benefit of computers, I would have the greatest respect for that person's dexterity and organizational skills."
> The capability to do effective SO2R operating is
> dependent on technology, and technology has developed
> over the years.  But my own early SO2R efforts didn't
> wait for computer logging.  I used a memory keyer...

Sure, lot's of us used keyers, and tapes, and other devices, but their primary role was to reduce fatigue of manually calling CQ for 48 hours - and to make the burden of all of the paperwork easier to handle.

> And the paperwork wasn't quite the huge burden that you
> suggest.  

Here's one we clearly disagree on.  Doing a DX contest was a huge paperwork burden.  At K2GL's we had dupe sheets for each band that had to be able to handle huge numbers of qsos.  KR2Q designed seperate large sheets for Europe, Japan, and the rest of the world that we used.  Shuffling these around was a task, and keeping track of the 20 or so log sheets that resulted was a burden.  For a single op, it meant handling 6 sets of these documents - one set for each band.  W2PV had a very good method of organizing this based on folders for each band with the various regions dupe sheets affixed to the front, back and inside of the folder.  He also collected each band's log sheets in that folder.  The process was to grab the folder for the band you were on, and when you changed bands, you'd close that folder and put it away.

Of course, we all developed our won methods of dealing with all of this that made it manageable, but my point is really focused on all of those methods becoming obsolete and unnecessary thereby freeing up all of the energy and time that was used in doing the paperwork, now available to apply to other activities.


Bob N5NJ

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